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WHOLEHEALTHMD.COM Launches First Web Site on Interactive Medicine
Site Provides Physician-Directed, Condition-Specific Treatment Options, Healing Recipes, Recommended Products, and News and Information

New York, NY—February 15, 2000— LLC today opened the first Web site to exclusively focus on integrative medicine, an integrated approach that combines the best of conventional medicine and alternative therapies. ( offers comprehensive content and physician-directed treatment options for nearly 100 common, recurring ailments. The unique offerings reflect the expertise of American WholeHealth’s group of board-certified integrative medicine practitioners and content experience of Rebus, a leading consumer health information publisher. In addition to deep content and physician expertise, also offers a “Healing Kitchen” with award-winning recipes that match healing ingredients to specific health concerns. Visitors can also benefit from the convenience of online shopping for physician-recommended herbs, supplements, books, videos, and more. The partnership positions as the first Web destination to provide a complete, convenient, actionable approach to managing your health through the integration of proven alternative and conventional therapies.

“The online health-products market is one of the least-developed segments of consumer ecommerce,” said Jim Williamson, research manager at International Data Corporation. “Tapping this rapidly growing opportunity will take a different approach from what has been used in other markets. People take their health very seriously, and will require extensive and integral advice on selecting health-care products. Companies that provide quality, unbiased information, focused on actionable advice, will be very successful in influencing buying decisions.”

Nearly 70% of Americans use alternative forms of medicine, such as nutritional supplements and herbs, to complement and enhance conventional treatments. Consumers seeking alternative health information are reluctant to discuss these therapies with their physicians and lack reliable resources from which they can obtain general information about proper use, correct dosage, duration of the therapy, and risks. provides consumers with trustworthy, rigorously reviewed information about proven alternative therapies that can be used safely with conventional treatment plans. is uniquely able to offer this resource by leveraging the expertise of its partners: American WholeHealth, the nation’s largest and fastest-growing provider of integrative medicine; and Rebus Inc., a leading publisher of widely used reference books on preventive health care, self-care, nutrition, and overall wellness.

“In recent years, we have seen a sharp increase in demand for information about alternative therapies from both consumers and practitioners. There has been an absence of information about practiced therapies from reliable and objective sources,” said Dr. David Edelberg, chief medical advisor to “WholeHealthMD was founded to make professional guidance and information on treatment options accessible to the large percentage of Americans who use alternative therapies regularly.”

The focal point of the WholeHealthMD site is the online Healing Center, which features descriptions and treatment options for nearly 100 common health conditions such as back pain, sinusitis and allergies. Visitors to the online center can obtain physician-guided treatment plans that provide detailed information about what herbs, supplements, and other self-care techniques have been found to alleviate ailments; how they should be used; and at what dosage and duration. Each treatment plan has been reviewed and tested by American WholeHealth physicians. also offers a comprehensive and continuously updated library of exclusive content related to integrative medicine therapies and studies and serves as a clearinghouse for related national and world news.’s Healing Kitchen promotes overall wellness by providing a fully searchable database of recipes that are specially designed to match healing foods to chronic ailments. The recipe database features hundreds of award-winning recipes that support general wellness.

“The physicians at are board-certified M.D.’s who specialize in integrative medicine and are currently practicing these therapies in clinics and centers across the country,” said Rodney Friedman, president of “Consumers can instantly tap into and benefit from a wealth of knowledge and expertise about integrative and alternative therapies, and be able to trust that the information they receive has been patient-tested to be effective.”

About LLC LLC, based in New York City, is the Internet’s leading source for physician-directed information and therapies based on integrative medicine. American WholeHealth is the nation’s largest and fastest-growing provider of integrative medicine and has the nation’s largest network of board-certified physicians and integrative medicine practitioners. Rebus Inc., is a leading consumer health and medical publisher of books on preventive health care, self-care, nutrition and wellness, and publishes several newsletters, including The University of California Berkeley Wellness Letter and Johns Hopkins Medical Letter. Together, Rebus and American WholeHealth deliver a blend of the finest integrative medicine content and doctor-driven health care to empower consumers with the knowledge and tools necessary to take an active role in the management of their own health and wellness. can be found on the Web at
Date Published: 02/14/2000
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