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Sound Mind, Sound Body: A New Model for Lifelong Health

Hardcover—319 pages

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Release date: June 1994

List Price: $23.00

"There is much more to health than cholesterol counts or blood pressure—health is the psychological adjustment to the extraordinary experience of living life in its fullest expression," writes Kenneth Pelletier in the introduction to this breakthrough book.

Using the life stories of more than 50 individuals, Dr. Pelletier of Stanford University shows us how to enhance the quality of our own lives by maintaining personal control and sustaining a sense of purpose, optimism, friendship, and altruism. This book is a testament to the human capacity to grow, face new challenges with conviction, and learn from any situation. It also offers practical, effective techniques that can help the average person begin to achieve physical, mental, and emotional equilibrium, and enjoy a lifetime of optimal health.

Date Posted: 04/04/2000

Date Published: 04/03/2000
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