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Exercise Reduced Stroke Deaths in Women
What the Study Showed

In this study published in the journal Stroke, the investigators found that increasing levels of physical activity are associated with a reduced risk of death from stroke in women.

How It Was Done

In Norway, the investigators recruited 14,101 women who answered a general health survey questionnaire on diseases (diabetes, stroke, coronary heart disease), use of high blood pressure medication, current smoking); their height, weight and blood pressure was taken; and they answered questions on physical activity. The subjects were then followed up for 10 years.

Why Its Important

Those women with the most active lifestyle, reduced their risk of death from stroke by 50% and the risk was reduced for women of all ages, even those over 80 years old who had a 43% lower risk. There are several proposed mechanisms, including exercise's ability to affect the structure of arteries, reduce blood clotting, improve heart rhythm, boost HDL, reduce body weight and risk of plaque development in blood vessel walls.

Date Published: 02/14/2000
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