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Am I Hungry: What to Do When Diets Don't Work

For an alternative approach to managing weight without dieting, this book provides a focused, step-by-step plan. Dr. May and her colleagues offer not only an understanding of disordered eating, but also outline strategies to develop the skills necessary for lifelong weight management. The journey begins with May’s personal story. Then the reader is guided through each chapter, beginning with Decision Points that ask thought-provoking questions. Guided by these questions, each reader will begin the process of understanding their relationship with food and creating methods for change. Fitness and Nutrition sections emphasize the importance of a plan that gives readers precisely which actions to take to avoid pitfalls and achieve success. Eating styles and cycles are discussed through simple diagrams. After decoding why we eat and what drives the eating cycle, May unravels the complexities of the three eating cycles: The instinctive cycle is driven by hunger and eating a quantity of food to adequately satiate this need. The overeating cycle reacts to triggers that may produce brief pleasure, distraction, or satisfaction. In restrictive eating, the trigger becomes the number on the scale and often determines when, what, and how much to eat. The environmental and emotional triggers become the snapshot by which we see ourselves. The wisdom outlined offers techniques beneficial to both the individual reader and the private practitioner in their therapy sessions. This text should become a popular handbook providing knowledge, skills and weight management guidelines for effectively navigating through life changes.


Nourish Publishing, Phoenix, AZ

©2005, 225 pages, $16.47


Reviewed by  Louise Kaufman-Yavitz in Eating Disorders Today, Spring 2005, Vol.3, No. 2.

Date Published: 06/27/2007
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