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Purple Tomatillo Seeds
Many people love the color purple. Combine that with one of our favorite ingredients, tomatillos, and you've got our attention. We found these seeds for purple tomatillos (Purple de Milpa) at a seed and gardening company called "Seeds of Change."

Tomatillos, the main ingredient in the Mexican salsa verde, are small tomato-like fruits that grow on vines and are encased in sticky paper-like husks. Fresh tomatillos are often hard to come by unless you happen to be near a well-stocked Mexican store or farmers' market. However, purple tomatillos are even more difficult to get. So why not grow your own?

After we ordered the seeds, we decided to start a little window box garden in the office (m-m-m-m-m, fresh tomatillos). Although, most of us have admittedly black thumbs, we do have one legitimate green thumb in the guise of one of our editors, Jim Brown. We're happy to report that the tomatillo plants are growing quite happily in our in-house salsa garden.

If you're tempted to try growing tomatillos yourself, you might want to check out our Tomatillo Salsa recipe (in the Recipe Database). Although we've never cooked with purple tomatillos (and our salsa recipe was made with green tomatillos from our local Mexican grocer), we're guessing they'll taste very much like green tomatillos, tangy when young, sweeter when more mature.

We're going to continue experimenting with store-bought tomatillos until we can harvest our own. A roasted tomatillo sauce for fish and a fresh gazpacho are next on our list. Meanwhile, Jim will transplant our seedlings and we'll wait for the harvest.

To order Purple Tomatillo seeds, call Seeds of Change at 888-762-7333. A packet of seeds is $3.29 and will yield fruit in 80 to 90 days. You can also visit

Author: the Healing Kitchen staff
Date Published: 04/03/2000
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