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My husband is mildly allergic to wheat/gluten products, which means pasta is no longer on the dinner menu. Are there any gluten-free pastas that are worth knowing about?

J.R. Brooklyn, NY
There are many wheat/gluten-free pastas out on the market. There's corn pasta, white and brown rice pastas, quinoa pasta, and potato pasta, to name a few. Just take care to read labels, since some "nonwheat" pastas may actually contain a small amount of wheat (jerusalem artichoke pastas often do, for example). We'd suggest trying different types of pasta until you find one that you like. Just be sure the first time you cook the pasta that you check it well before the cooking time is up: In our experience, the cooking times on the boxes tend to be a lilttle long, especially if you like your pasta chewy. You should also take into account what type of sauce you'll be using and try to match the pasta with the sauce (something you would do with regular pasta, too). We found corn pasta to be particularly sturdy and it will hold up well against a thick sauce.
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