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My doctor recommended an oral chelation formula containing L-glutathione, carnitine, methionine, EDTA, garlic, and hawthorn to reverse heart disease, improve circulation, and boost sexual potency. Is this the breakthrough my spouse and I have been looking

"Although some of the ingredients in the formula you mention have value, the product is a bit misleading and will probably disappoint you. First of all, the concept of chelation therapy remains controversial. It sounds good on paper: EDTA, the chelating agent, is supposed to bind with the mineral calcium in blood vessel walls and 'clean out' the blood vessels. But actual controlled scientific studies on chelation, even when performed by advocates of the technique, have generally been disappointing. What's more, EDTA is probably not effective when taken orally but must be administered intravenously, by injection. If a truly effective oral form of EDTA existed, all the chelation centers nationwide would disappear overnight.

"If chelation therapy is effective, it's probably not because any calcium is being yanked out of the blood vessels, but rather because the intravenous EDTA is injected along with a veritable stew of high-potency vitamins that serve as antioxidants. Your particular product contains some potent antioxidants, namely garlic and hawthorn. Read the label and see how much each capsule contains. For example, you need 150 mg of hawthorn three times a day in order to get clinical benefits. If the capsule contains a lot less, you're wasting your money."

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