Side Effects
Though the short term side effects are less than those of Tamoxifen, patients may have some heart problems, bone loss, and joint pain while using aromatase inhibitors. Long term side effects are not as well known as those of Tamoxifen.
Aromatase inhibitor

Drug Class:
Aromatase Inhibitor

Available OTC?: No

Available Generic?: No

Aromatase inhibitors are used to stop the production of estrogens in women who are past menopause. They are used as a part of treatment for people with estrogen-sensitive breast cancer, after initial surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy. Studies show that use of these drugs may prevent the recurrence of the original cancer. There are three drugs currently used for this purpose: exemestane ( brand name: Aromasin) anastrozole (brand name: Arimidex) letrozole (brand name: Femera)
Date Published: 03/24/2009
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