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Product Review: Migraine Ice

Cold compresses, applied to painful areas, have long been advocated as a quick and easy home remedy for short-term migraine pain relief. A new product called Migraine Ice offers a convenient way to get the same cooling benefits. The thin, gel-filled cotton pads adhere to the skin, serving as instant ice packs.

The product uses a technology that comes from Japan: On skin contact, the water-based gel becomes activated, staying cold for up to four hours. Different shapes are designed to adhere to the forehead, the temples, or the back of the neck. They are intended as a complement to other migraine treatments and can be safely used with medications, supplements, and other remedies.

Clinical studies evaluating Migraine Ice have not been carried out. However Dr. David Edelberg, chief medical consultant for the WholeHealthMD Advisor, reports that some of his patients have given the pads a thumbs-up, so they may be worth a try. Basically, Migraine Ice pads offer convenience over the messier ice packs.

Cost: About $2.50 per pad.

The product is made by Mentholatum, Inc. of Orchard Park, New York. Additional information: 877-2-SOOTHE (

Date Published: 11/19/2000
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