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Brain Longevity
Hardcover: 449 pages

Publisher: Warner Books

Release Date: May 1997

List Price: $25.00

In four steps in just 40 days, you can begin treating memory loss and regenerating your concentration powers, according to this intriguing book by Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa (see "Brain Longevity: Preventing and Reversing Memory Loss," WholeHealthMD Advisor, June 1999).

An American Sikh from Ohio and a U.S. trained physician, Dr. Khalsa's program incorporates both modern Western medicine and ancient Eastern mind/body techniques. His regimen includes nutritional recommendations, stress management, exercise, and specialized supplements and medications. At the heart of the problem, he believes, is stress, which can trigger an adrenal hormone called cortisol; overproduction of this chemical has been linked to both memory problems and brain damage.

The text co-written with veteran journalist Cameron Stauth, is studded with fascinating case studies and relevant scientific information. Brain Longevity offers practical advice as well as new hope for the aging baby boomers on the cusp of their AARP years.

Date Published: 03/06/2001
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