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Healing from the Heart
Hardcover: 202 pages

Publisher: Dutton

Release Date: October 1998

List Price: $23.95

Surgery and medication are the cornerstones of treatment for heart disease, but it's becoming increasingly clear that they are not enough. Realizing this, noted heart surgeon Mehmet Oz co-founded the Columbia-Presbyterian Complementary Care Center (see "Music, Massage, and More in the Surgical Wards," WholeHealthMD Advisor, May 1999) to help cardiac patients nourish their spiritual heart while they deal with healing their physical one. In this provocative new book, Dr. Oz presents a cutting-edge vision of medicine for the 21st century. His outlook blends ancient and ultramodern approaches to healing, and draws on the innate resources of mind, body, and soul.

The books featured below were all written by members of the board of advisors of the WholeHealthMD Advisor and are a testament to their diversified backgrounds and broad areas of expertise. Whether you'd like to learn more about traditional Chinese or Ayurvedic medicine, delve into the science of homeopathy, or look more closely at the elusive mind-body connection, one of these volumes is sure to be of interest.

Date Published: 07/26/2001
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