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I've been unable to find a product called Vertigoheel, which I've heard stops dizziness and other symptoms of vertigo. Can you help?

A.B. , Owings Mills, MD

My health food store sells something called Bilberry extract with anthrocyanins. What are these anthrocyanins, and what foods do they come in? Answer

My nine-year-old came home from school with a bad case of head lice. I'm reluctant to use harsh chemicals. Are there any natural treatments?   Answer

I've heard that Arnica is good for bruises. Does it work? S.S., via www.WholeHealthMD.com Answer

Are all these "new" heirloom fruits and vegetables any better for you than regular fruits and vegetables? Answer

Do I need more protein if I'm weight training? Answer

It seems like I’ve tried every diet but I always quit or regain more weight than I lost. What am I doing wrong? Answer

Are magnets effective for relief of back pain? Answer

I love to garden. Can I plant my own herbs for healing purposes? Answer

My husband and I have been using Equal instead of regular sugar on cereals, in drinks, and even in recipes. We're recently hearing comments like "aspartame causes Alzheimer's" and "you're ingesting formaldehyde if you use those sugar substitutes." Is any of this true? Answer

I'd like to try the herbal cellulite remedy, Cellasene. What do you think of it? N.N. Phoenix, AZ Answer

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